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The Miniature Goat Breeders Association (MGBA) is the leading breed Association for the Australian Miniature Goat in Australia. A non-profit membership organisation, with members nation wide the MGBA was established in 2007 by the founder of the breed along with the help of a handful of foundation breeders. The Association’s focus is on perfecting and promoting the breed through maintaining strict breed standards and holding breed shows and displays Australia wide.

The MGBA has strict Grading and Height guidelines to maintain the integrity of the breed while still being attainable for breeders.
Australian Miniature Goat

about mini goats
The Australian Miniature Goat is an Australian breed that is a genetically small animal that has been developed by pairing carefully selected smaller stature animals of excellent type with small Australian bush goats to ensure hardiness of animals. They are a "Designer Breed" with impeccable temperaments that come in all colours and combinations. Although Australian Miniature Goats are not scaled down versions of their larger counterparts, their conformation is similar to that of the larger breeds, with all parts of the body in balanced proportion relative to their size.
While the breed is still under development, with breeders continuing to work on both refinement of type and reduction of height an MGBA registered Australian Miniature Goat has a maximum height allowance of 63.5cm with the majority of animals currently in Australia averaging 52cm to 60cm

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Have you seen Mini Goats on TV or Radio? Many of our members have participated in television, magazines and radio. For more fun promotions click here



new South Wales

MGBA ANNUAL CHRISTMAS MINGLE 2014 - MGBA members and their guests - HOST IS SHERWOOD PARK - Restaurant/time/place to be announced.




Breed shows for 2014 listed on show page.
Mini Goat get together 2014
- Open to all Mini Goat enthusiasts - KAWINKIDINK STUD (VIC state representative) - Saturday 12th July 2014. Lardner, VIC. Email Sam Doyle-Cox for details.

The day will kick off at 12:30 for a sausage sizzle lunch which Marilyn has kindly offered to provide. Please just bring yourself, a drink & a chair. Besides a gabble and many other topics which will include show prep as we're getting close to the start of our Spring/ Summer show season. There might be a couple of other fun & interesting things happening on the day!! RSVP to Marilyn on 0457 599 860
It's the first weekend of the school holidays and kids are welcome.

MGBA ANNUAL CHRISTMAS MINGLE 2014 - MGBA members and their guests - HOST IS KAWINKIDINK STUD (VIC state representative) - Restaurant/time/place to be announced.

Mini Goat get together 2015 - Possibly hosted.



Breed shows for 2014 listed on show page.
Meet the m
ini day - Junabel Stud - Sunday 6th July 2014. 10am to 3pm. Mini Goat display and Mini Goat races. Coowonga, QLD

MINI GOAT 2 DAY WORKSHOP- September 20th and 21st 2014. Details on MGBA message board and facebook page. Open to all Mini Goat enthusiasts -SERENDIPITY STUD - Blackbutt, QLD. Email Margaret for details and to book in. Bring a tent for a goatee weekend!.

  MGBA ANNUAL CHRISTMAS MINGLE 2014 - MGBA members and their guests - HOST IS HAPPY HERDS STUD - Brisbane/Gold Coast Restaurant/time/place to be announced. Email Linda for details.

Mini Goat Information day for breeders 2015 - Open to all MGBA members and their guests - KAZOO STUD - Sunshine Coast - Details TBA.


Western Australia

MINI GOAT GET TOGETHER- Open to all Mini Goat enthusiasts - PLUMBAGO STUD (WA state representative) - Bullsbrook, WA, Saturday, September 13th 2014 at 1.30pm Email Chris Falconer for details.

TOODYAY SHOW - Mini Goat Presentation by Plumbago Stud (WA State representative) - Toodyay Show grounds Website - Saturday 11th October 2014.

MGBA ANNUAL CHRISTMAS MINGLE 2014 - MGBA members and their guests - HOST IS PLUMBAGO STUD (WA state representative) - Venue to be announced, Saturday 29th November 2014 Email Chris Falconer for details.



Have some land? Looking for something cute? Come and see the Australian Miniature Goats at Rural Solutions, Sorell TAS on Saturday 8th November 2014. Most of the Tasmania Breeders will be there to talk to and answer questions, information handouts and lots more. Make sure you pop in and say Hi to Rod who is the MGBA Tasmanian State Representative hosting the event. Bring the kids and fall in love with this amazing little breed.



important MGBA updates

MGBA qualified Measurers- The distance between members is recognized as barrier to accessibility to competent MGBA measurers and many veterinarians are not trained in MGBA measurement practices. The number of Foundation Members compared to the large number of members Australia wide has also been identified as an issue and it should also be noted that there are few members who have been involved for 5yrs or more. The MGBA is exploring the implementation of a measurement training course for MGBA members to become competent and confident in taking accurate animal measurements. To ensure the accuracy of measurements being taken spot checks could be requested to expose measurement discrepancies and the requirement for further assistance / training to increase competency.

Watch this space for further developments!


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