Miniature Goat
Australian Registered Body Number: 169 787 099, Incorporated Number: IA35943 (2007)

Association specialising in Miniature Breeds in Australia. Australian Miniature Goats, Pygmy Goats and Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Australian Miniature Goat

Welcome to the official website of the Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia (MGBA). The Miniature Goat Breeders Association (MGBA) is a longstanding breed Association that is managed and run with the help of many volunteers. A non-profit membership organisation, with members nation wide. The MGBA was established in 2007 by the founder of the Australian Miniature Goat breed along with the help of a handful of foundation breeders after membership grew to the stage it was no longer able to be managed by the founder herself who solely managed her registry and goat group (AMGR established 2000). The Association’s focus is on perfecting and promoting the breeds through maintaining strict breed standards, breed shows and member displays Australia wide.

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Australian Breed established 2000

Miniature Goat

The Australian Miniature Goat is an Australian breed that is a genetically small animal that has been developed by pairing carefully selected smaller statured animals of excellent type with small Australian bush goats to ensure hardiness of the animals. They are a "Designer Breed" with impeccable temperaments that come in all colours and combinations.
Grade Stock: Adult females (36mths) not exceeding 63.5cm, adult males (36mths) not exceeding 63.5cm in height, measured at the wither.
Herd book purebred : Adult females (36mths) not exceeding 57cm, adult males (36mths) not exceeding 60cm in height, measured at the wither.


Breed to Australia 2015

Pygmy Goat

The Pygmy Goat is characteristically a small, compact, wide, cobby, full barrelled, well-muscled large body in proportion to size of animal with disproportionately large circumference, short heavy boned legs and small head relative to body length, medium length erect ears, full straight coat, bucks with full beard and copious draping mane and does with proportionately sized udder. Solid, agouti and caramel body with dark points - with muzzle, crown, eyes and ears accented with intermingled white (roan) hair preferred, optional white patches / belly bands on barrel between point of elbow and stifle joint - distinct uniform pygmy markings preferred. Neatly disbudded, dehorned and polled accepted.

Adult females (24mths) not exceeding 57cm, adult males (36mths) not exceeding 60cm in height, measured at the wither.


Breed to australia 2015


The Nigerian Dwarf Goat is characteristically a high milk producing miniature dairy breed, refined of bone, deep wide capacious angular body, short legs, soft short coat, well defined proportionately sized udder with high, wide rear attachment, head characteristics similar to the alpine dairy goat, all colours accepted preferably with random markings distinct from the more uniform pygmy markings. Neatly disbudded, dehorned and polled accepted.

Adult females (24mths) not exceeding 57cm, adult males (36mths) not exceeding 60cm in height, measured at the wither.


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BROOKTON Australian Miniature Goat Breed display 19/3/2016
by Springfield Farm Ph Karen on (08) 9642 7077
For details and other events on the day please visit Brookton Show website.

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