Holding a show in your area

Want to hold a breed show? None in your area?

Breed shows are a fantastic avenue for breed promotion. Funds are raised by the breeders participating, other members, businesses and a portion of each MGBA membership is contributed to that memberships state for shows and promotions if required.

The first steps.. Contact your state MGBA show manager or a committee member if your state does not have one and let them know what the town is that you are looking to host as she might have some inside knowledge on that show or have some information already for you.

Things to think about before taking the next step will be raising funds for trophies (you must provide or get a few studs to pitch in or get a business sponsor), ribbons (some show societies supply these), a judge (we can help you or you can find a judge in your area of another breed and have them MGBA approved, ask a committee member how or visit the judges page on this website), a steward (can be anyone, husband, friend etc member or not).

Contact the local show society, introduce yourself and let them know that you are from the MGBA and find out if they are interested in having a Miniature Goat Section. If the show society says yes and you want to go ahead with the show, you must email the committee to have the show as an approved MGBA show. Once this is done you can now set up your show!

If the show society is interested, they will usually ask for an Email with your requirements on the day, you will need help with this and the show manager or contact will put something together for you. The show society that you have applied to will usually take this to their next meeting and let you know the outcome and if they can support the breed classes and fulfill the requirements. Once this is approved you can contact some local breeders (we recomened up to 5 hrs from the show) to see if they would be interested in participating in the show to see if there will be people to support the show with entries. If you have at least couple of studs interested in showing their goats, contact the MGBA state show manager or MGBA secretary again to let her know you have had the show approved and that you would like to go ahead or you can s.

Someone on the committee will organise contact for you with someone that can guide you in setting up a show or will advise you themselves. Your show will then be advertised on the MGBA website show page with it's own class schedule.

miniature goat dreaming of becoming a show goat

The secretary or show manager will organise a judge for you if you need one. If there is only a short period of time until the show, you may need to book the following years show since judges are volunteers that judge goats for free and require time in advance to book a show into their personal lives, remembering they often work, have children, study or have other personal responsibilities.


What will be required of you once a show is booked.

You will need to find a steward for the day to call in goats, measure in goats, check registration papers, ear tags and run the show ring. This can be a spouse or another member or anyone capable. They do not have to be an MGBA member. They will be trained on what they need to do well before the show.

Trophy money will need to be raised. Sometimes you are required to supply ribbons. Some show societies will supply ribbons (each show society is different). Sometimes you will find that breeders coming to the show will be happy to donate. Sometimes one breeder will pay out of pocket for one whole show. Advertising of this generosity is posted on the shows results page and on the MGBA website.

You will need to order, pay and pick up Trophies and/or ribbons ready for the show.

If no MGBA banner is available in your area, you may be able to ask the committee for one to be made for your state or area if you are wanting to hold more shows in your area or future years.

On the day you will need to get to the show early to set up the show ring, prepare a table for the trophies and ribbons, collect the ribbons from the Show Society Office for the Miniature Goat Section and ensure that a measuring in area is set up for the stewards for signing in and measuring of all the goats entered on the day.

At the end of the day you will be required to pack up the show hopefully having a few helping hands from others..

Many shows supply pens and hay for your goats and some will provide shelter. If no pens are available you can usually park near the show ring and leave your goats in your trailer or bring your own transportable pens. If no shelter is available everyone will need to bring their own for their animals..

For more details or any questions you may have please feel free to contact one of the MGBA State Show Managers or MGBA Committee.

And this could be your show below, time for fun and get together with other breeders!


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